Map of primary service area.
  • Food manufacturers
  • Food service providers
  • Grocery retailers
  • Food distribution providers
  • Agricultural and farm suppliers
  • Building material manufacturers
  • Home supply retailers
  • Third party Logistics companies
  • Construction fabricators
  • The leading 3PLs in the country
  • Building retailers
  • Electronic wholesalers
  • Wood products
  • Food

On demand Reefer

Temperature Control

We at CDT know how important the security of food products is for customers and consumers. We know the government rules and we abide by them. That is why we have late model trailers capable of protecting the most sensitive commodities. That is why we have drivers who care about getting the customers’ loads picked up and delivered safely, on time, and claim free.

That is why we can haul fresh to frozen products, moderately cooled all the way to below zero.

Our customers know we will do everything possible to meet their specific, and sometimes unique, needs for one load or many loads.

We approach our relationship with our customers as a partnership. We want both parties to prosper.



Weather Protected

Flatbed hauling is difficult and requires an experienced team to serve the customer properly, including:

  • Drivers
  • Safety personnel
  • Customer service reps
  • Driver managers

That is why fewer trucking companies serve this economically critical market, Our heritage is flatbed.

We know what is necessary to provide the safest and best service to our customers. We understand the demands facing our customers as they service their clientele.

That could be special delivery requirements from access to destination to unloading procedures. Or it could be surges in demand that require extra equipment on special projects. That is why our customers depend on CDT not only to haul the freight, but to determine the best way to load and unload it.

As with everything we do at CDT, it is a team effort… The customer and the carrier working closely together for the best solution.



Designed in conjunction with customer

The Dicks family knows dedicated trucking backwards and forward.

The dedicated relationships we have established with our customers are because there is mutual respect between the two parties.

We listen well to our customers’ needs. We research how to provide them with the best service done in a safe and legal way That allows them to concentrate on their main business. We handle their logistics needs.

Every option is open for discussion to get the best solution…and then we go to work to put it into action.

At the end of the process our customer gets what it needs. Its customer gets the service it requires. We have a satisfied customer and a successful business. What could be better?



Commitment to the enviroment

TMW transportation management systems - PeopleNet onboard communication system - Blue Tree trailer tracking system - EDI compatibility - Safety accessories